United States (US)

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THBT the US should not make complete nuclear disarmament a condition of meaningful sanction relief on North Korea

THW abolish the presidential nomination and confirmation process and directly elect the US Supreme Court instead.

Currently, the US Supreme Court is made up of Justices Nominated by the President and confirmed by majority vote in the Senate

This house supports college education programs in prisons in the United States.

Hsk,Amerika'nın "Dünya'nın jandarması" imajı ABD'ye yarardan çok zarar getirmektedir.

THBT DINOs do more harm than good to the Democratic Party

The term "DINO" stands for "Democrat in Name Only". It refers to the members of US congress belonging to the Democratic Party who hold their seats in conservative areas and run on a platform which is more in line with Republican ideology.

TH, as the US, would make aid to Saudi Arabia contingent on its full withdrawal from Yemen

THW implement a cultural diversity curriculum in predominantly white school districts in the United States.

A cultural diversity curriculum would consist of mandating that a large proportion of art consumed and/or taught in schools must emphasise a variety of experiences of those from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds (such as Hamilton, The Colour Purple, Maya Angelou, Kendrick Lamar).

This House believes that the US-led coalition should no longer insist on Assad stepping down as part of their negotiations with Russia over Syria.

This house believe that the United States should abolish political parties

TH, as the United States, would not intervene in Syria.