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THS the strategy of decapitation in fighting terrorism and organised crime

Decapitation, as a military or police tactic, refers to the strategic removal of the leaders of illegal entities such as terrorist groups, via assassination or arrest. These tactics typically emphasise the removal of leaders above other strategic goals.

This House would reintroduce national service

National service is a system of compulsory, military government service which requires citizens to spend a year undertaking basic military training. The UK introduced the National Service Act at the outbreak of World War 2. It ended in 1963.

This house would remove the ability of soldiers to feel fear.

THBT the feminist movement should oppose military interventions that claim to further womens rights

THW abolish military courts and instead try soldiers in civilian courts

This House Opposes Humanitarian Military Interventions

THW remove the ability of soldiers to feel fear

THW allow soldiers to refuse orders on the basis of conscience

THR the glorification of soldiers and veterans as heros

THW place a cap on military spending for all nations recognized by the UN