35 öğenin 1-10 arası gösteriliyor.

THW introduce a 50% gender quota for female teaching staff at universities

This House supports nations actively marketing their sin cities as tourist destinations, instead of actively trying to curtail the presence of these vices.

A sin city is an urban area that caters to various vices (e.g. prostitution, gambling, drug use). These vices may be (a) legal and regulated, or (b) illegal but tolerated (within certain geographical boundaries, as long as it does not cross red lines, is non-violent, etc.)

This House believes that signatories to the Paris Agreement to combat climate change should criminalize the denial of anthropogenic (caused by human activity) climate change.

This House supports the Trump Administration's use of tariffs in order to force China to change its ‘unfair’ trade practices (e.g. huge subsidies for the export sector; intellectual property theft; forced technological transfers).

This house believes that having biological children is immoral.

This house believes that developed liberal states should provide financial and legal aid to citizens who wish to permanently emigrate from them.

This House would grant amnesty to dictators in exchange for them stepping down from office.

This House welcomes the rise of China as a global superpower.

This house believes that micro-finance organisations (including, but not limited to: NGOs, charities and development banks) should offer micro-finance loans in developing nations exclusively to women.

This house would ban religious political parties.