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THBT in functional democracies, judges should be elected by a popular vote

A zoo is an establishment which maintains a collection of wild animals, typically in a park or gardens, for study, conservation, or display to the public.

Given a Way to Accurately Measure an Individual’s Empathy, THW Only Allow Individuals with High Levels of Empathy for People Beyond their Immediate Circles, to Vote in Elections

THW abolish the presidential nomination and confirmation process and directly elect the US Supreme Court instead.

Currently, the US Supreme Court is made up of Justices Nominated by the President and confirmed by majority vote in the Senate

HSK, seçimlerden önce seçim anketlerinin yayınlanması yasaklanmalıdır.

TH celebrates social activist movements contesting democratic elections

This house would ban the publication of electoral polls during the run-up to an election.

An electoral poll is a question of public opinion on their voting choices based on a sample of the general public.

ec votaría por el frente

THBT Hillary Clinton should put her experience overcoming sexism to the forefront of her campaign.

In the aftermath of the US presidential debate Hillary Clinton is widely considered to have established herself as the more creditable presidential candidate. She has discussed her experiences as a woman as part of her campaign messaging but has avoided explicitly talking about overcoming sexism and misogyny.

THW abolish all party primary elections

Primaries are elections within the ranks of a political party, that serve to nominate the party's candidate for an upcoming general election