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This house would encourage the Chinese Communist Party to ban zoos

Zoos are places we keep animals in order to look at them

THBT it is in the UK's interests to develop closer economic and political ties with China at the expense of its relationship with the USA

THR the United States’ shift to treating China as a rival

Up until the election of Donald Trump in 2016, US foreign policy focused on positive engagement and economic co-operation with China. Since 2016, this has shifted to a more hostile atmosphere with an economic trade war, a stand-off over expansion in South China Sea and increased calling out of human rights abuses.

THBT the US should provide political asylum to Chinese whistleblowers exposing corruption within the regime.

TI cieszy się z rosnącej aktywności Chin w Afryce.

Chiny są dziś największym partnerem handlowym, zagranicznym dawcą miejsc pracy i źródłem inwestycji w Afryce. Budują więcej infrastruktury niż Afrykański Bank Rozwoju, Komisja Europejska, Europejski Bank Rozwoju, Bank Światowy i kraje G8 razem wzięte. W latach 2006-2016 Chiny udzieliły Afryce pożyczek w wysokości 125 miliardów dolarów.

TH, as the EU, supports the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

The “Belt and Road Initiative” is a Chinese development strategy aimed at establishing logistic links to a total of 60 countries in Europe, Central- and South-East-Asia and, to a smaller extend, East-Africa. Investments are expected to total US$4–8 trillion that are often to be repaid by the respective countries. It includes projects such as the upgrading of harbours, airports, roads and rail across the Balkans, a railway from Mombasa to Nairobi (Kenya's biggest infrastructure project since independence) and a railway to Malaysia (construction currently halted).

EC como EEUU se lamenta de haber apoyado la entrada de china en la OMC

This House Would require children to financially support their parents in old age

This House regrets the rise of Xi Jinping

THBT the US is a better partner for African states than China

Increasingly, China has been displacing the US as a strategic and investment partner for African states.