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TH Regrets the Rise of E Helath Websites

An 'E Health' site is one in which the user is encouraged to search up their symptoms and self diagnose. e.g. Web-MD

THW Abolish Trial by Jury

THW pay all elected politicians the median wage in their country

MEDIAN WAGE: If all salaries were arranged in order, the median wage would be the one exactly in the middle.

THBT the international community should apply harsh economic sanctions on Brazil for the recent destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

THW pay stay at home parents

THBT the feminist movement should openly embrace drag culture.

THW ban state schools

This House supports the establishment of LGBT+ only schools

THBT it is in the interest of the Thai population to overthrow the Thai Monarchy

Thailand has a politically active monarchy and the government is currently ruled by a military junta. The former King is widely seen as having endorsed the 2014 coup which brought the junta to power. Wikileaks cables revealed the involvement of the former Queen in the earlier 2006 Coup. It is illegal to criticise the monarchy. Despite this the new King Vajralongkorn, who ascended to the throne in 2016, has been subject to accusations of personal misconduct and corruption.

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