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THBT the US should militarily intervene in Venezuela

TH, as the Democratic Party, would push to impeach Trump before the 2020 Presidential election

THBT the US should cease its extra-territorial war on drugs.

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THBT the US is a better partner for African states than China

Increasingly, China has been displacing the US as a strategic and investment partner for African states.

This House believes that US military intervention in the Middle East has done more harm than good

THS the 'pivot to Asia' strategy.

For the purposes of this debate, 'pivot to Asia' describes the decision of the Obama administration to concentrate limited political, material and temporal resources upon the Asian region in foreign policy to the exclusion of concentration eg on Europe and the Middle East. This may include mutually exclusive physical resources such as the deployment of fleets but also less tangible things such as diplomatic capital.

Ta Izba uważa, że amerykańska Partia Demokratyczna powinna zrezygnować z polityki tożsamościowej.

Polityka tożsamościowa (identity politics) to model zachowań politycznych, w którym jednostki dokonują wyborów politycznych w oparciu o przynależność do określonej grupy tożsamościowej (np. religijnej, rasowej, seksualnej), a partie polityczne odpowiadają na to priorytetyzując tego typu postulaty w swoich programach.

THBT the US should impose tariffs on the products of companies that shut down manufacturing plants and outsource jobs.

For the purposes of this debate, "outsourcing" refers to when multinationals close down manufacturing plants in the United States, and relocate to regions in which environmental and labour legislation is more relaxed

This House believes that the US government should provide significant campaign funding for US congressmen and senators who score highly on bi-partisan metrics.