Social Justice

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TH Opposes the Rise of Political Consumerism

Political consumerism is the act of buying or boycotting products or services from companies due to political reasons, or encouraging others to do so. For instance boycotting Apple due to its pro-choice stance, or boycotting chick-fil-a due to its anti-gay stance.

Hükümet radikal dürüstlüğü destekler.

Radikal dürüstlük insan ilişkilerinde karşıdakini kıracağını bile bile doğruyu söylemektir.



THBT progressive social movements should emphasise personal reponsibility in addressing social problems, at the expense of emphasising the need for structural change (for example encouraging women to be assertive in the workplace more than advocating for anti-discrimination policies; encouraging young people in minority communities to achieve academic success more than to challenge broader social and economic discrimination)

THW Ban Private Schools

THBT the creation of feminist icons and their cults of personality are good for the feminist movement.

TH regrets the vilification of the use of violence in social movements

THR the use of public shaming by social movements.

THB the trend of companies using social justice movements for advertisement campaigns has done more harm than good

There has been a recent trend of major brands using individuals who represent minority groups or who break social norms of beauty to head their campaigns. In addition to this the theme of diversity has been used to model the narrative of these campaigns. e.g. munroe bergdorf as the face of the l'oreal true match campaign, the dove diversity campaign