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In countries with an ageing population, THS state attempts to help their citizens find and sustain love. (e.g. subsidizing subscriptions to matching agencies, significant funding for research and training courses on what makes a relationship last)

TH opposes the rise of sugar babies

Sugar babies refer to a younger individual (typically a woman) who receives financial compensation for engaging in a romantic and/or sexual relationship with an older counterpart (typically a man)

Hükumet, Mecnun olarak, Şirin için kalırdı.

Mecnun ve Şirin'in aşk dolu bir ilişkileri vardır. 3-4 yıl içerisinde evlenmeyi planlamaktadırlar. Mecnun, Türkiye'de Boğaziçi Üniversitesi yüksek lisansından mezun olup ABD'de iyi bir üniversitenin doktora programından kabul almıştır.

THR the rise of online dating apps (e.g. Grindr and Tinder).

Ta Izba cieszy się ze wzrostu popularności związków zawieranych z pobudek finansowych

THBT that a world in which the dominant norm for childrearing is coparenting rather than raising children in a romantic relationship is preferable

This House believes that the state should promote the norm of the 'single life'.

The single life is an ideal of a household where there is one adult, who is not in (and does not seek to form) a long-term romantic partnership.