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HSK, Avrupa'daki mülteci destekçisi kuruluşlar (ProAsyl, Refugee Action vb.) mültecileri mağdur olarak göstermek yerine çalışkan ve topluma faydalı bireyler olarak göstermeye çalışmalıdır.

HSK İklim mültecilerinin istedikleri ülkeden vatandaşlık hakkı olmalıdır.

İsveç’te Türk ve İsveçli 2 akademisyenin birlikte yaptığı bilimsel araştırmaya göre, 2050 yılına kadar dünyada 200 milyon kişi küresel iklim değişikliğine bağlı felaketler nedeniyle ülkesini terk edecek.

This House Would Create A State Exclusively For Refugees

THBT the Greek State should provide subsidies for Syrian language schools. (i.e. Classes in Levantine Arabic)

THBT countries should prioritise asylum seekers according to the country's responsibility for their plight over individual need. Eg: USA accepting asylum seekers fleeing from wars they have participated in in Iraq or Afghanistan; China accepting those fleeing the effects of climate change

An asylum seeker is someone asking for refugee status, fleeing violence, political persecution or threat to their life.

Assuming the technology exist, THW erase all memory of trauma suffered by refugees

THR the use of allegory to explain real life or historical oppression

Context slide: in art and literature, a common narrative technique is the use of allegory and metaphor to explain real life or historical oppression. Often this is done through fictionalisation eg in harry potter where anti-mudblood sentiment has been taken to be a parable for racist oppression, or in District 9 where an alien encounter analogises a refugee crisis.

THBT the UN should set up a global refugee state

Selena Gomez is a 22 year old American actress and singer. She is famous for multiple shows she starred in on the Disney Channel and several popular pop songs, which include Come and get it and Naturally. Selena Gomez is also known for dating Justin Bieber in the past. The two have have broken up, put since then have been in an on and off relationship. Both have significant influence in pop and teen culture. Gomez went into rehab this year for anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Her family has prohibited her from seeing Justin Bieber while she is in rehab. Some fans have been calling upon the family of Gomez to allow Justin Bieber to visit her while in rehab.

THBT the International Olympic Commitee should have incentivized the participation of refugees as part of their adopted countries' national team, instead of a seperate team

This House Believes That all refugees are welcome