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TH Regrets the rise in the use of referendums

ECDG sometería a referéndum la declaración de guerra de cualquier país, siempre que esta no sea defensiva

Si el gobierno catalán estuviera dispuesto a renunciar a la independencia a cambio de un referéndum legal en Cataluña, esta casa, siendo España, aceptaría.

THBT incoming presidential administrations should only repeal Capstone Policies via nationwide referendum.

A Capstone Policy is an important and defining legislation act on key domestic socio-economic issues.Examples include, but are not limited to Health Care bills, Environmental policy, Abortion legislation and Migration Regulations.

TH, as a nationalist politician from the Republic of Ireland, would campaign for Scottish independence.

In June 2016, the UK voted to leave the EU. This vote was not repeated in Scotland, which strongly expressed a preference to remain, and which has been used as a justification by the Scottish National Party to campaign for a second referendum on Scottish independence. The UK's only land border with an EU country is with the Republic of Ireland. This may result in some form of border controls along the border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. Irish nationalism is the belief that Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland should be united into a single sovereign state.

Hükümet İnanır ki; Referandum sürecinde AKP'nin radikal, dışlayıcı söylemleri AKP için kötüdür.

THBT the Greek People Should Vote 'No'