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THO the 24 hour news cycle

This House would ban reporting on the private lives of politicians

THBT broadcast media should take editorial stances, rather than seeking to be nonpartisan

Non-partisan broadcast media is televised media i.e. news, which does not seek to take positions on political issues. By contrast, broadcast media can take editorial stances, where that media does take positions on political issues.

THW ban all media (movies, music, video games etc.) that glorifies violence

This house would implement quotas for domestically created content in the media (e.g TV broadcasting and radio)

This house regrets the liberal media's satirical portrayals of the Trump administration (eg. Saturday Night Live, Last Week Tonight and the Daily Show).

THW not publish details of the suspect[s] in the immediate aftermath of a suspected terror attack.

THBT American news media should cease to invite major Trump surrogates (e.g. Kellyane Conway, Sean Spicer) to comment on news events.

In Western liberal democracies, THW prefer that news media were required to state a political bias rather than having an industry norm of neutrality.

Esta casa prohibiría que empresas que cotizan en la bolsa de valores sean propietarios de canales de televisión abierta.

Comúnmente las corporaciones buscan maximizar sus ganancias. Se supone también que los medios deben de dar una visión balanceada y critica de la vida pública. Se considera entonces que existe un posible conflicto entre los objetivos de una corporación y la función social de la televisión abierta. Dado esto…