Medical Ethics

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THS MSF's Decision

Pfizer owns patents to multiple life saving medications. The humanitarian medical organization, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has been advocating for Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies to release their rights to these patents. Pfizer has continuously refused to cede these patents. However, in 2016 Pfizer offered MSF the pneumonia vaccine (PCV). MSF declined the donation, this resulted in over 50,000 deaths that year because of pneumonia.

This House would ban any treatment, service or ritual from claiming a physical healing effect until it is tested and proven more effective than a placebo, by a national regulator.

A placebo is a substance or treatment that does not itself have any healing effect (e.g. a sugar pill) but which a patient is told is actual medicine. The false belief has been known to itself have some healing properties / physical effects.

TH opposes research into the genetics of sexual orientation (e.g. the search for a "gay gene")

This House believes that important decisions about children's health should be made by medical professionals, and not their parents

TH Believes that it is Illegitimate to Profit from the Development & Sale of Pharmaceuticals