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TH prefers a world without private ownership of real estate, and with housing guaranteed instead (for example, housing distributed via lottery)

THBT housing activists in San Francisco should advocate for the abolition of zoning regulations rather than increased rent control.

A zoning law requires that buildings fulfill a certain purpose (eg, residential zoning laws mandate that no businesses can operate on that lot) or impose aesthetic standards (such as maximum height requirements). These regulations do not directly address health and safety, energy usage, or affordable housing. San Francisco has extensive historic and aesthetic zoning laws.

THW legalize tent cities.

In many North American cities, tent cities are temporary housing communities made using tents or other temporary structures, set up without authorization. They are oftentimes used by protestors, but are primarily set up by people who are homeless.

EC aboliria toda a forma de propriedade imobiliária privada a nível mundial

THW build social housing in high-wealth areas

Social housing is housing provided by the government for free or very low rent to those who cannot afford it otherwise

This House would abolish all government schemes that provide grants, tax-breaks or loans at preferential terms to home buyers

This House Would Nationalise Housing

This house would abolish private home ownership