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THBT Governments should place no restrictions on how welfare payments, excluding child benefits, are spent

THW abolish the Lords Spiritual

The Lords Spiritual of the United Kingdom are the 26 most senior bishops of the established Church of England who serve in the House of Lords. The UK is the only Western democracy to give representatives of religious groups the automatic right to sit in the legislature. The leaders of other faiths with significant followings in the UK (such as the Church of Scotland, Judaism, Islam etc.) have no such automatic right to representation in the Lords.

THBT governments in western liberal democracies should only fund secular schools

THB Governments should require internet and social media companies to delete a user's entire digital footprint upon their request

Hükümet yola çıkar.

TH(Govt of India)W restructure all Public Hospitals as Public Private Partnerships.

A Public-Private Partnership is a commercial legal relationship defined as an 'arrangement between a government/government-owned entity on one side and a private sector entity on this other - for the provision of public assets and public services, through investments being made and/or management being undertaken by the private sector entity for a specified period of time. There is a well-defined allocation of risk between the private sector and the public entity, and the private entity receives performance-based payments that conform, or are benchmarked to specified predetermined performance standards/ impact goals, measurable by the public entity or its representatives

Esta casa preferiría un mundo donde todos los países podrían vender su nacionalidad.

Esta Casa Cree que las grandes empresas de tecnología deben rehusarse a proveer información privada de sus usuarios al gobierno, aun si implica no cumplir con alguna ley que les ordena hacerlo.

THW give local governments control over the education curricula in their area.

ECCQ los gobiernos no deberían asistir la reconstrucción de áreas propensas a desastres.