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Asumiendo que la tecnología existe, esta casa permitiría la venta de rasgos y características de personalidad (ej.: coeficiente intelectual, empatía, humor, etc).

This House Would place the top ten candidates for US President in the Big Brother House, and declare the contest victor President

Big Brother is a reality TV show where contestants are locked in a house and isolated from the entire world with no ability to communicate (e.g. phones or hearing news). The actions of the contestants are filmed and streamed 24/7, with the highlights then broadcast on TV in an hour long episode each night. Each week, the contestants participate in themed weekly challenges. At the end of each week, the public votes negatively to evict one member of the house. The contestant with the most votes must leave the house. In the final, the public vote positively for which of the final four contestants they want to win