European Union (EU)

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Hükümet savunur ki, Visegrad Grubu Ülkeleri, AB'den ayrılarak kendi aralarında serbest ticaret, dolaşım, ortak güvenlik içeren ayrı bir birlik kurmalıdır.

Visegrad Grubu: Polonya, Çekya, Slovakya, Macaristan ülkelerinden oluşan ve AB'nin kültürel ve liberal politikalarına, iktisadi politikalarının bir bölümüne, mülteci ve göçmen krizindeki tavrına muhalefet eden, milliyetçi-muhafazakar eğilimli siyasi akımların iktidarda olduğu bir siyasi bloktur.

THBT the EU should suspend membership rights of countries which violate its core values (human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights)

This House Regrets the EU expansion since 2004.

In 2004, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia became members of the EU, making it the largest single expansion of the EU. In 2007, Romania and Bulgaria joined, and in 2013, Croatia also became a member.

EC, como la Unión Europea, permitiría a los países de la Unión Europea otorgar incentivos y beneficios fiscales a empresas para que se asienten en su territorio

Para mantener la competencia justa entre sus países, la Unión Europea impone una fuerte regulación a sus miembros, limitadora de su capacidad de favorecer a empresas para que se asienten en su territorio. Estas limitaciones incluyen, entre otras pero no limitadamente: prohibición de ayudas de Estado, prohibición de ventajas fiscales...

TH as the European Union would seek to punish Britain in the ongoing Brexit negotiations

THS a ‘multi-tier EU’

A multi-tier EU is an idea floated around in policy-making circles that, when implemented, would allow member states to choose differing levels of adherence of EU laws and regulations in exchange for increased access to the common market and the Euro.

THBT all EU member states should abandon their corporate tax regulations in favor of a common EU policy.

In the Paradise Papers leak, it became known that Apple pays 0.005% profit tax over its profits registered in The Netherlands. Other instances of disparate tax rules in the EU include the French national assembly's adoption of UK banking regulations after translation into French. The European Parliament (in which all EU member states are represented proportionally according to their population, and where specific laws are passed by majority vote) currently does not pass laws concerning tax rates in individual member states. Some financial market regulations are adopted, but member states may impose additional regulations on top.

THBT the EU should allow member countries that have experienced consistent significant negative migration to place barriers on their citizens migrating to other EU member countries.

This house believes that the EU should ban its member states from selling arms to former Soviet States

TH, as the EU, would issue a directive to ban emission vehicles

A directive is a legal act of the European Union, which requires member states to achieve a particular result without dictating the means of achieving that result. It can be distinguished from regulations which are self-executing and do not require any implementing measures. Directives normally leave member states with a certain amount of leeway as to the exact rules to be adopted. Emission vehicles refers to motorised land transportation that produces CO2 (cars, lorries, motorcycles)