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Hükumet; Batılı Devletler ve Organizasyonlar (WTO ve IMF) olarak Afrika Devletleriyle ticari anlaşmalar yaparken ya da kredi verirken demokratik reform ya da insan haklarının gelişimi gibi şartlar koymamalıdır.

THBT developing countries should heavily disincentivise rural to urban migration

THW require all public and private housing developments to reflect the ethnic makeup of the area's local population.

A housing development is a structured real estate development of residential buildings. Popular throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, they are often areas of high-density, low-impact residences of single-family detached homes and often allow for separate ownership of each housing unit, for example through subdivision. A housing development is "often erected on a tract of land by one builder and controlled by one management".

This House Believes That developing nations should distribute, as a dividend to citizens, income derived from nature resource extraction

EC acredita que daqui a 30 anos Portugal estará melhor que hoje.

THBT people who wish to have children have a moral obligation to adopt as opposed to reproducing biologically