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TH Regrets the rise in the use of referendums

THW give two votes to people under the age of 30

THBT liberal media outlets should prioritize sensational reporting (e.g. Daily Kos, Young Turks) over neutral journalism (e.g. CNN, NYT).

THS quotas for women in parliament

THW make voting mandatory

Hükumet savunur ki; Batı Avrupa ülkelerindeki yerel yönetimlerde halk komiteleri kurulmalıdır.

Halk komiteleri, yerel yönetimlerde vatandaşlardan oluşan, kendi bölgesinde yapılan (mahalle, köy, ilçe vb.) seçimlerle belirlenen komitelerdir. Belediyenin o konuyla alakalı bütçesinin nasıl kullanılacağına dair söz sahibi olur. (Örn. gençlik komitesi, su problemi varsa su komitesi, vb.)

THBT parliament members should be appointed by a lottery among the general population

THBT nations transitioning towards democracy ought to pursue their war criminals through human rights tribunals at the international level, rather than the domestic level.

THW adopt blind voting in all elections for public office

Blind voting is a system of voting in which people state their political views and policy preferences and are allocated to a party that aligns with those ideas.

This House Would Allocate Votes Inversely Proportionate To Wealth (ie. If You Have Less Wealth, You Get More Votes)