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THBT France should introduce significant financial incentives for companies and individuals who are currently based in Paris to relocate to other French cities

Ec implementaria um imposto sobre a carne.

THW create an ex-Yugoslav regional football league


THW abolish academic tenure* (*status given to an employee indicating that the position or employment is permanent)

THR the commercialisation of drag.

Drag queens/kings are performance artists who dress in clothing associated with the opposite gender and often act with exaggerated femininity/masculinity and in feminine/masculine gender roles. Drag queens are closely associated with the LGBT+ community and culture, but can be of any sexual orientation or gender identity. In recent years the visability of drag has increased in wider society due to the popularity of TV shows like Ru Paul's drag race, paid events such as club nights and conventions and merchandise.

TH, as China, would support Kashmir gaining independence.

Kashmir is a territory which has been contested for by India and Pakistan since 1947. Although a ceasefire line is the de facto border between the two countries in 1949, cross-border hostilities have persisted. Since 2017, the number of ceasefire violations in Kashmir has sharply increased. Recently, the two countries have engaged in aerial attacks for the first time since 1971. Pakistan has historically served as China's main bridge to the Islamic world, with substantial investment by China in the country. Since the tensions arose, China has encouraged both parties to resolve their differences through dialogue and has expressed intent to cooperate with Pakistan on counter-terrorism.

HSK; kendini feminist olarak tanımlayan bireylerin makyaj yapmama, estetik değişiklilik yaptırmama gibi yükümlülükleri vardır.

TH Supports the increased consumption of dramatised "true-crime" media, eg 'Making a Murderer' or 'Serial'.

This House would make English the primary language of instruction and teaching in all countries