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THBT union membership should be compulsory for all workers in large industries, ie teaching, manufacturing, and retail.

EC acredita na Pop Culture como a melhor forma de integrar conteúdos de sensibilização para movimentos LGBTQI+.

ECA que as claques desportivas são mais prejudiciais que benéficas para o desporto.

THW abolish all patent laws for pharmaceuticals and replace them with government subsidies, grants and tax incentives for pharmaceutical development.

Patents are exclusive rights that are given to a firm for a designated period of time for a specific good or service they have innovated. In this time, no other firm can use this innovation for commercial or production purposes.

THR the rise of 'cancel culture'.

'Cancel culture' is a term used to refer to the phenomenon of 'cancelling', or no longer morally, financially or digitally supporting people that have done or said things, either recently or further in the past, that is now deemed problematic or unacceptable. Examples of 'cancelled' individuals are Kevin Hart, Logan Paul, Kanye West and Rachel Dolezal.

THW allow individuals to sell themselves into slavery

EC preferiria viver num mundo sem redes sociais.

THW abolish the minimum wage.

THW forbid Western tech companies from accepting Chinese terms and preconditions in order to access the Chinese market (eg. Google accepting censorship, Apple moving its servers to China, etc.)

EC retiraria os benefícios sociais a desempregados voluntários.