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HSK haberci dokunulmazlığı yürürlüğe girmelidir.

Haberci dokunulmazlığı, habercilerin habercilik kapsamında öne sürdükleri düşüncelerden, açıklamalardan ve bunları yayınladıkları eserlerden dolayı hukuki ve cezai sorumluluğunun bulunmaması anlamına gelir.





THO the 24 hour news cycle

THBT states should weaken economic protections and rights (e.g. workplace health and safety, minimum wage etc.) in times of economic crisis.

THS Jury nullification

Jury nullification is a concept where members of a trial jury find a defendant not guilty if they do not support a government's law, do not believe it is constitutional or humane, or do not support a possible punishment for breaking the law. This may happen in both civil and criminal trials. Jury nullification is permissible in some jurisdictions, such as the US. In other systems juries attempting to make these decisions will be held criminally or civilly liable for contempt of court.

THW allow doctors not to perform operations they have a moral objection to

THBT the African Union should suspend the membership privileges of member states who fail to implement democratic reforms

The African Union, or AU, is a pan-African organisation whose goal is to facilitate peace and prosperity in the African continent. The AU supports political and economic integration among its 55 member nations, including all nations on the African continent. It aims to boost development, eradicate poverty and bring Africa into the global economy. The AU has the power to suspend the membership privileges of states, and has previously done so when states have undergone coup d’etats, for example.

THR the rising economic focus by development institutions (e.g. ADB, World Bank, UNDP, AIIB) on individualised aid over macroeconomic projects and initiatives

For the purposes of this debate, individualised aid focuses on microfinance, building of local infrastructure, provision of business grants, and funding of local NGOs Macro-Initiatives involve working on establishing legal institution to enforce property rights, spending money on providing financial institutions with requisite capital/reserves to invite investment, providing flexibility to governments on expenditure of aid (rather than direct allocation)

THW end all government subsides to the arts