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THW require political parties to pick their leaders using an open primary

An open primary is one where anyone of any political party is allowed to vote for a leader of that party

This House Would Allow Students to Vote on their English Set Texts

This house would apply a lower rate of income tax to women

This House Would Ban Violent Video Games

TH would punish sporting teams for the violent and discriminatory behaviour of their fans during sporting events.

thb private schools

THBT destruction of private property is a legitimate tool for environmental campaigners.

Ecoterrorism is the use or threatened use of violence against innocent victims or property by an environmentally-oriented, subnational group carried out to further environmental policy change. Eco-terrorists are willing to inflict emotional and physical distress on their victims if they believe it will further their environmental goals. Common tactics include sabotaging environmentally damaging equipments/activities include: tree spiking, arson, and bombing of construction sites.

THBT the winners of the most prestigious arts awards (e.g. the Oscars) should always be decided by a public vote

THW allow EU citizens to donate to political parties in any EU state (with same rights/laws as nationals)

THS non-violent efforts to publicly humilate/mock far-right members and politicians (e.g, milkshaking, disrupting campaign rallies and public speeches by playing loud white noise in the background, etc).

“Milkshaking” is the act of protestors throwing milkshake over far-right politicians during their public events. Recent targets have included Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage, and Carl Benjamin (aka “Sargon of Akkad”)