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THBT the WTO should allow the creation of industry/sector level free trade agreements, rather than requiring "substantially all trade" to be covered

WTO rules allow the creation of free trade agreements only where regulations on trade are eliminated with respect to substantially all the trade, or at least substantially all products, between the two sides (countries or trade blocs like the EU). Unless a free trade agreement has been made, all nations have to be treated equally.

THBT in functional democracies, judges should be elected by a popular vote

A zoo is an establishment which maintains a collection of wild animals, typically in a park or gardens, for study, conservation, or display to the public.

THBT Feminists in the Developing World should denounce and dissociate from the Western Feminist Movement (e.g. not accepting financial support, not referencing Western Feminist Icons, actively demonising Western Feminist priorities and policies)

THP individualised aid to international development projects

International development projects are large scale efforts to improve the lives of individuals in developing countries by giving money to governments and large organisations to, for example, build schools or hospitals. Individualised aid focuses on giving money directly to individuals e.g. microfinance.

THBT pop culture figures commenting on social and political issues does more harm than good.

THP a world where God is portrayed as fallible, rather than infallible

THR the United States’ shift to treating China as a rival

Up until the election of Donald Trump in 2016, US foreign policy focused on positive engagement and economic co-operation with China. Since 2016, this has shifted to a more hostile atmosphere with an economic trade war, a stand-off over expansion in South China Sea and increased calling out of human rights abuses.

Hükümet İnanır ki; Partnerler geçmişleriyle ilgili sessiz kalmaktansa ilişkileri başlarken geçmişlerini birbirlerine dürüstçe anlatmalıdır.

THBT the burden for taking action on climate change should be placed on individuals, as opposed to corporations

Hükümet; Batılı devletler ve organizasyonlar (WTO VE IMF) OLARAK, Afrika devletleriyle ticari anlaimalar yaparken ya da kredi verirken demokratik reform ya da insan haklarının gelişimi gibi şartlar koymamalıdır.