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THBT countries should heavily prioritise the ability for migrants to assimilate when assessing and deciding on residency status

THR sharing culture

"sharing culture" is the growing phenomenon by which individuals put more private aspects of themselves online through social media such as facebook, instagram and youtube

THW break up the big 5 tech giants

The big five tech giants are, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and facebook

This House Would give Money to Individuals rather than Charities

When people donate money, they often give to charitable organisations (e.g. Children in Need). However, money from these donations does not usually go directly to the individual, since the charity has to pay for staff, events, and other running costs. The alternative is giving money to individuals (e.g. giving money to a busker or homeless person). This goes directly to the individual but does not provide organized services (e.g. foodbanks or homeless shelters). There is less money given directly to individuals than to charitable organisations overall.

THW require political parties to pick their leaders using an open primary

An open primary is one where anyone of any political party is allowed to vote for a leader of that party

This House Would Allow Students to Vote on their English Set Texts

This house would apply a lower rate of income tax to women

This House Would Ban Violent Video Games

TH would punish sporting teams for the violent and discriminatory behaviour of their fans during sporting events.

thb private schools