Human Rights

מציג 1-10 מתוך 10 רשומות.

THBT countries with a poor human rights record should not be allowed to host international events (e.g. the Olympics, Eurovision)

THW legalise the sale of human organs

THBT male feminists should establish movements and organisations involving only male feminists, rather than join larger feminist spaces

THBT individuals should have no right to privacy from their Government

THBT International Sporting Events Should Never be Hosted in Countries with Authoritarian Regimes or Poor Human Rights Records

THBT the state, not parents, should make all medical decisions for children until they reach the age of consent.

EC permitiría que los ciudadanos renuncien a sus derechos fundamentales.

HİK Omelas halkı bu çocuğu kurtarmalıdır.

Omelas bütün insanların mutlu yaşadığı ve hiçbir sorunun olmadığı bir şehirdir. Ancak bu şehrin mutluluğu küçük bir çocuğun her gün işkenceye uğramasına bağlıdır ve bütün halk bunu bilmektedir.

THS moral relativism

Moral relativism accepts context as a relevant factor in morality, such as specific sets of "cultural" or "religious" values. For example, the 1993 Bangkok Declaration, signed by Asian countries, subscribes to a set of human rights based on "Asian values", prioritising economic development over social freedom. The 1990 Cairo Declaration, signed by Muslim-majority countries establish guidelines for human rights based on "Islamic values". Moral relativism is often contrasted with moral universalism, which is the idea that moral ethics applies equally to all individuals regardless of distinguishing features such as culture, identity, nationality, etc, the most prominent example of which is the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

THB that majority liberal supreme courts should actively misapply constitutions in order to advance progressive rights