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Yetenek Algoritması 0.2 kusursuz çalışan bir yetenek tespit teknolojisidir. İlgili algoritma, bireylerin yeteneklerini ve belirli alanlardaki potansiyellerini objektif şekilde belirler.

This House Would give Money to Individuals rather than Charities

When people donate money, they often give to charitable organisations (e.g. Children in Need). However, money from these donations does not usually go directly to the individual, since the charity has to pay for staff, events, and other running costs. The alternative is giving money to individuals (e.g. giving money to a busker or homeless person). This goes directly to the individual but does not provide organized services (e.g. foodbanks or homeless shelters). There is less money given directly to individuals than to charitable organisations overall.

TI preferuje świat, w którym wszyscy wiedzą o istnieniu systemu kwalifikacyjnego.

Na potrzeby tej debaty Niebo istnieje i jest to raj do którego po śmierci trafia 15% populacji umierającej w danym roku. Selekcja dokonywana jest na podstawie rankingu - przez całe życie każdemu człowiekowi są przyznawane punkty za jego uczynki, proporcjonalnie do ich wagi. Na przykład: za działania na rzecz pokoju na świecie otrzymuje się więcej punktów niż za wyprowadzenie pieska sąsiadki. Oblicza je rozwinięta sztuczna inteligencja. Nie wiadomo, co dzieje się z 85%, można jedynie teoretyzować.

THBT we have no moral obligation to preserve quality of life for future generations.

THBT unwillingness to comply with the World Health Organization's guidelines on dealing with, or preventing the potential outbreak of, deadly pandemics (e.g. Ebola) should be recognized by international law as a justification for a military response.

This House would prefer a world without religious beliefs.

THS moral relativism

Moral relativism accepts context as a relevant factor in morality, such as specific sets of "cultural" or "religious" values. For example, the 1993 Bangkok Declaration, signed by Asian countries, subscribes to a set of human rights based on "Asian values", prioritising economic development over social freedom. The 1990 Cairo Declaration, signed by Muslim-majority countries establish guidelines for human rights based on "Islamic values". Moral relativism is often contrasted with moral universalism, which is the idea that moral ethics applies equally to all individuals regardless of distinguishing features such as culture, identity, nationality, etc, the most prominent example of which is the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

THBT any acquisition of wealth above a comfortable standard of living is immoral

You are a young, politically progressive teacher, with an interest in advocacy and activism. Assuming that your skillset would naturally lead to highly effective learning outcomes in both contexts, this house would choose to work at an elite private all-boys school, instead of at a low-SES co-ed public school.

This house believes that medical staff should be able to opt out of providing treatments on religious or ethical grounds