מציג 1-10 מתוך 11 רשומות.

HSK, Her vatandaş en son genel seçimde oy verdiği partinin rozetini bir sonraki seçime kadar takmak zorunda olmalıdır. NOT: Seçime katılmayanlar veya boş oy atanlar rozetsiz olacaklardır.

TH, as Dellyanne Shwonway, would choose to wait until the 2020 elections to release the information.

You are Dellyanne Shwonway, a high-ranking official in the Republican Party who opposes Donald Trump. You have discovered unequivocal video evidence of The Donald colluding with the Russians for the US election. Nobody else has this recording, or knows that it exists. You are ready to release this information, and you're able to do so at any point you wish.

EC em quanto Estado português assumir-se-ia como ateu homossexual

EC proibiria sondagens políticas com o intuito de apurar intenções de voto para eleições autárquicas, legislativas ou presidenciais.

This house believes that opposition parties in Latin America should seek incremental transitions of power rather than the recall or overthrow of ruling parties.

This House believes that voters should always vote on policy and principles regardless of electability in all elections (general, local, or party leadership).

This house would abolish state primaries in US presidential elections

THBT judges should be elected

This House Believes That Judges should be elected

THW hold a referendum among all churchgoing Catholics to elect the new Pope rather than having Cardinals elect him