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This House Regrets the humanisation of villains in film and media (e.g. Joker, Maleficient, Gru, Megamind etc.)

The Humanisation of Villains is a process in which Villains have various “human” characteristics that a conventional villain wouldn’t otherwise have attached to them. Oftentimes, these “human” characteristics become a major part of a villains character.

THS the strategy of decapitation in fighting terrorism and organised crime

Decapitation, as a military or police tactic, refers to the strategic removal of the leaders of illegal entities such as terrorist groups, via assassination or arrest. These tactics typically emphasise the removal of leaders above other strategic goals.

Suçu ve suçluyu övme, uyuşturucu madde kullanımını özendirme gibi, işlenmiş ya da potansiyel bir suçu veya yasal olmayan bir durumu yorumlayan ifadeler suç kapsamından çıkarılmalıdır.

THW ban the use of policing quotas

THW ban the reporting of the identities of anyone involved in an ongoing criminal trial

Hükümet yoğun suç bölgelerinde vigilantizmi destekler.

Yasal otoriteye sahip olmadan yaptırım uygulayan sivillere veya organizasyonlara "vigilante" denir.

THW criminalise the payment of ransoms

THW punish attempted and committed crimes equally

THW accept the bribe

You are a police superintendent in a corrupt precinct overrun by gangs. Most gangs deal in variations of illegal substances and extortion. One gang member approaches you and suggests that their gang will assassinate the leader of the largest and most violent gang. They offer you a substantial bribe to look the other way while they assassinate that leader.

THW Make Holocaust Denial a Crime