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THW eliminate the use of AI technology in the workforce (ie., self driving cars, robots, etc.)

THBT global tech companies (e.g. Apple/Google/Netflix) should refuse demands from national governments to censor or edit their apps/content.

There have been several recent examples of governments trying to influence tech companies to change their apps/content to suit state demands. Examples include: (1) Russia demanding that Apple label Crimea as part of Russia on their weather/map apps, (2) Saudi Arabia demanding Netflix take down an episode of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj on grounds it offended public morals.

THW use TinderX

TinderX is an expanded advanced AI technology service, which can mathematically determine the person in the world you are most likely to be long term compatible with. The condition of using the service is you must consent to marry the individual the service identifies.

THW break up the big 5 tech giants

The big five tech giants are, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and facebook

THW allow the criminal justice system to utilise this technology in prosecutions to view the memories of witnesses and the accused, regardless of the individual's consent.

In the future, every persons mind will be embedded with technology which allows their memories to be projected on a screen. Just like any recording, specific sections of memory can be watched and rewatched.



THBT the growth of Palestinian digital activism has done more harm than good

Digital activism is “the use of electronic communication technologies (for example: social media, e-mail, and podcasts) as the primary tool to achieve social change (for example: lobbying or advocating for a cause, organizing, etc)”

In a world where technology exists, THB that feminist should promote the use of artificial wombs.

THR the increasing role of technology in sex

THBT States Should Prioritise the Funding of Female-Only Tech Companies