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THW allow the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport

ECA que as claques desportivas são mais prejudiciais que benéficas para o desporto.

Hsk; futbolcuların 26 yaşına kadar yerel liglerinden başka liglerde oynamaları yasaklanmalıdır.

THBT International Sporting Events Should Never be Hosted in Countries with Authoritarian Regimes or Poor Human Rights Records

THW require all major non-contact sports (e.g. cricket, football and netball) leagues and international competitions to have gender balance within teams


This house would create a separate league for athletes on performance enhancing drugs

THBT the International Olympic Commitee should have incentivized the participation of refugees as part of their adopted countries' national team, instead of a seperate team

THW ban Olympiacos from participating in UEFA Competitions.

THBT FIFA Should Decide the Hosts of World Cups Through Competitive Auction