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This House believes that South Korea should produce nuclear weapons

South Korea has the raw materials and equipment to produce nuclear weapons but has not produced any.

This House believes that the Netherlands should allow citizens to purchase additional votes from the government at a cost proportional to their wealth (for example, one additional vote for 1% of wealth)

The Netherlands has a political system with many political parties in which no one party typically gets a majority of the vote. Seats in the parliament are allocated in proportion to the number of votes received by each party on a national level ('proportional representation'). The government is formed by the coalition of parties that has a majority in the parliament.

In areas with rapidly rising property prices, This House would suspend all restrictions on property development that are not health and safety requirements (for example, environmental zoning regulations, building height restrictions, and regulations on the appearance of buildings)

TH, as a member of the progressive movement, would call in rather than call out

Calling-out: publicly pointing out that someone is being problematic Calling-in : address somebodies problematic behavior privately and personally to the person in question

THBT Western Liberal Democracies should not give aid to countries who commit grave human rights abuses

THB that foreign leaders of Western Liberal Democracies should explicitly condemn Donald Trump.

This House regrets the mass commercialisation of football.

This House, as Jeremy Corbyn, would not stand in the upcoming Labour Party leadership contest.

THB that campaigners for refugee protection should not use pictures displaying the graphic suffering of refugees as part of their advocacy.

TH supports the decline of the nations-state's power in an increasingly globalized world.