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THR the glorification of non-disruptive protest

THBT protest movements should not use violent or destructive protest tactics (e.g. arson, vandalism, petrol bombs)

THS non-violent efforts to publicly humilate/mock far-right members and politicians (e.g, milkshaking, disrupting campaign rallies and public speeches by playing loud white noise in the background, etc).

“Milkshaking” is the act of protestors throwing milkshake over far-right politicians during their public events. Recent targets have included Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage, and Carl Benjamin (aka “Sargon of Akkad”)

This House supports hacking as a form of social protest.

Hacking is gaining unauthorised access into a system or computer, e.g. to temporarily shut down, seize control of or alter content of a company's website.

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