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THW implement additional taxes on junk foods

THW break up the big 5 tech giants

The big five tech giants are, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and facebook

TH(Govt of India)W restructure all Public Hospitals as Public Private Partnerships.

A Public-Private Partnership is a commercial legal relationship defined as an 'arrangement between a government/government-owned entity on one side and a private sector entity on this other - for the provision of public assets and public services, through investments being made and/or management being undertaken by the private sector entity for a specified period of time. There is a well-defined allocation of risk between the private sector and the public entity, and the private entity receives performance-based payments that conform, or are benchmarked to specified predetermined performance standards/ impact goals, measurable by the public entity or its representatives

THBT Western Liberal Democracies should not give aid to countries who commit grave human rights abuses

THW Legalize All Drugs