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HSK, Bireylerin kapasite ve kabiliyetlerini artırmayı hedefleyen tüm kırmızı reçeteli ilaçlar (konsantrasyon artırıcı, yorgunluk azaltıcı, hiperaktivite bastırıcı vb.) serbest bırakılmalıdır.

THW legalise the sale of human organs

THW participating in medical research trials mandatory

Medical trials are either performed on random paid members of the public or patients that fulfill certain entry criteria may be asked to participate in an unpaid medical trial by their doctor. If they refuse, that refusal is treated as absolute and final due to lack of consent. There is no punishment or reward or refusing or agreeing to participate

This House Believes That parents, not doctors, should have the final say on major medical decisions for their children

THS the "right to try"

The right to try is a piece of US legislation that gives people with life-threatening conditions the right to access experimental treatment, regardless of the regulatory approval status of said treatment

THW Legalize Psychedelic Microdosing

Part 1: Psychedelics are a class of illegal drugs whose primary action is to trigger psychedelic experiences, causing thought and visual/auditory changes, and altered state of consciousness (ie LSD, Acid) Part 2: Psychedelic microdosing is a practice to use sub-threshold doses of psychedelic drugs in an attempt to improve creativity, boost physical energy level, emotional balance, increase performance on problems-solving tasks and to treat anxiety, depression and addiction. A microdose is usually a tenth of an active psychedelic drug.

HSK ABD bu şartları ciddi ölçüde kolaylaştırmalıdır.

Yoksa doktor musunuz? ABD’de mi çalışmak istiyorsunuz. İşte ABD dışından tıp diploması olan doktorlar için akreditasyon şartları: 3 aşamalı USMLE sınavını geçmek. (ABD Medikal Lisans Sınavı) 1-2 sene süren ihtisası tekrar yapmak. (KBB, jinekoloji stajı vs. üst eğitimi) Atanma için sıra beklemek ve sonrasında hak ettiğinizden düşük maaşa razı olmak.


Una persona llega en parada cardiorrespiratoria a un hospital. Cuando se le abre la camisa para practicar las maniobras necesarias de reanimación, se encuentra un tatuaje que dice: NO RESUCITAR.

THBT the state, not parents, should make all medical decisions for children until they reach the age of consent.

This House would ban any treatment, service or ritual from claiming a physical healing effect until it is tested and proven more effective than a placebo, by a national regulator.

A placebo is a substance or treatment that does not itself have any healing effect (e.g. a sugar pill) but which a patient is told is actual medicine. The false belief has been known to itself have some healing properties / physical effects.