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THBT the feminist movement should openly embrace drag culture.

This House Regrets the political left's domination of the feminist movement

The political left are characterised as having an ideological rejection of capitalism, conservative values and traditional religious teaching. This includes, but is not limited to, the idea that you cannot be feminist and pro-life, and you should not vote Tory or Republican.

This House Would expel Iran from international football games if they do not allow women to attend football games

Since 1981, Iranian women have been banned from attending male football games with some exceptions being made for select matches of Iran's national team. The ban is widely controversial and disobeying the law might result in very grave consequences. A few weeks ago, 29-year-old women Sahar Khodayri set herself on fire in front of an Iranian court after learning she could face prison time after she has tried to see a football game in march. The death of Sahar - who is now known as ""Blue Girl"" - led to many discussions and international pressure on Iran to lift the ban.

THBT Capitalism does more harm than good for feminism

HiK:Liberal Feministler cinsiyet eşitsizliğinden önce hırçın feminist gruplar ile savaşmalıdır

Where conscription is in force for men exclusively, THBT feminists should advocate for conscripting women

THBT women should pay less income tax than men.

THBT male feminists should establish movements and organisations involving only male feminists, rather than join larger feminist spaces

HSK; kendini feminist olarak tanımlayan bireylerin makyaj yapmama, estetik değişiklilik yaptırmama gibi yükümlülükleri vardır.

THW Exclude men from the feminist movement