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Hükümet, eğitimde gruplandırma uygulamasını tercih eder.

Eğitimde gruplandırma uygulaması, zorunlu eğitim süresince eğitim kurumlarındaki sınıfların ayrımının öğrencilerin başarılarına göre belirlendiği sistemdir.

This House Would Allow Students to Vote on their English Set Texts

TH, as the parent of a child prodigy, would push that child to maximize its potential.

THW force top universities to publish all admissions and reasons for acceptance (test scores, legacy, essays, interview performance etc.)

THW abolish academic tenure* (*status given to an employee indicating that the position or employment is permanent)

THW introduce performance-related pay for teachers

“Performance-related pay” refers to the practice of paying workers with the same job different amounts depending on how well they perform at that job

THW make teachers' pay contingent upon the performance of their students

THBT children should be separated into classes for each school subject according to their abilities in that subject (i.e. academic tracking)

EC permitiría la educación de los niños por sus padres en casa siempre que los alumnos superen cada año un examen de conocimientos mínimos

In post-conflict states, THBT history education should drastically downplay conflict that existed amongst groups for the sake of social cohesion (ie. Serbia and Bosnia in former Yugoslavia, Nationalists and Unionists in Northern Ireland)