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ECCQ debes decírselo a tu padre/madre.

El doctor de tu padre o madre, persona de avanzada edad, te informa que le queda sólo un mes de vida a causa de una enfermedad terminal incurable e intratable que le/la matará súbitamente. Tú y solo tú debes decidir si se lo dices a tu padre/madre o no.

This House would only allow the media and campaigning organisations to depict or publish information about the deceased in a tragedy with the explicit permission of the family.

Assuming participants have consented freely and in full knowledge of the risks and possible consequences, THW allow its citizens to participate in the “Thirst Games”

The Thirst Games is a reality tv show in which contestants compete against each other and battle to the death. The games continue until only one contestant remains alive, and that person wins fame, glory and riches.

THBT no state in any situation has the right to demand, encourage or promote its citizens to fight or die for the country

In situations where it is not possible to achieve both aims and the decision is upon the doctor, THBT doctors should prioritise prolonging life over the quality of that life