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Hükümet, artivizmin yaygınlaşmasından pişmandır.

Artivizm sanat ve aktivizmi birleştiren sanat akımıdır. Önemli Örnek: Kırdan kente göç bir aktivizm meselesi değildir :)

TH supports the separation of the artist from their work in artistic and literary critique and consumption (*specifically, the artist's intentions and biographical context do not inform the audience's interpretation)

THBT states should not fund any work of art that an average citizen would not recognize as having artistic merit

THBT members of minority groups (e.g. First Nations, the LGBTQ community, people of colour, etc.) should actively reject works of art portraying their struggle if they did not play a significant role in their creation.

Stonewall is a movie (2015) by Rolland Emmerich about the Stonewall Riots, a pivotal moment in the LGBT rights movement. The movie was heavily criticized for replacing many trans individuals and people of color by white or cisgender male roles.

THBT Culturally important works of art should be owned by the state

THW ban art {e.g. statues, music, film, posters, etc.} that glorifies former oppressive regimes.

This House Would Legalise Graffitti in Public Space

THBT social disgust is sufficient justification for censoring art.