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This house would rather save the list of a single child, over extending the life of 5 adults by 10 years

With a spare $1,000, one can provide (on average) a single child, who would otherwise have died in infancy, with a full and healthy life - for example, by donating to the distribution of insecticide-treated anti-malaria bed nets. Alternatively, one can (on average) increase the life expectancy of about 5 adults by 10 years - for example, by donating to the therapy for deadly acquired diseases in the developing world

In democratic post-colonial states, This house believes that opposition parties to the party of independence should claim and use the legacy of anti-colonial resistance.

This house would create an international court with the ability to classify national debt as "odious debt" at the debtor nation's request and remove the obligation of that nation to repay

This house, as a parent of a child of ASPD, would enable and support that child given that child's aims based on their current psychological makeup, instead of trying to make them more empathetic

Individuals with Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD), formerly known as sociopathy, have a highly reduced ability to feel empathy. People with ASPD do potentially have the ability to feel empathy, and, as with other emotions, their capacity to feel empathy can be increased based on exposure to certain experiences and relationships, yet is unlikely to reach what is considered a "normal" level.

This house believes that Catholic religious officials in Mexico should not make statements in support of governmental policies, political parties, or candidates.

This house prefers a non-adversarial legal system

In an adversarial legal system (which is implemented in most countries), the prosecution and defense perform investigations, provide evidence, question witnesses and make legal arguments in an attempt to win the case, while the judge(s) are relatively passive observers and act as an impartial referee. In a non-adversarial legal system, the judge takes responsibility for most of the investigative process - questioning defendants and witnesses, ordering searches to be done - in an attempt to gather facts and look for any and all evidence in an impartial way. The prosecution and defense may be questioned by the judge, but have no control over the proceedings, and perform a minor role within the court.

This house supports the court's decision to acquit Tehlirian

Soghomon Tehlirian was an Armenian whose family was killed during the Turkish genocide against Armenians. In Berlin in 1921, Tehlirian assassinated Tallat Pascha, widely considered the main orchestrator of the Armenian genocide. Despite conclusive evidence of his guilt, a Berlin court decided to acquit Tehlirian and free him.

This house, as the Chinese Communist Party, would lift all restrictions on foreign investments in China, except restrictions critical to national security

There are currently a number of restrictions on foreign entities investing in China. Such restrictions include, but are not limited to: government approval for large foreign investments in China; limitations on the proportion of certain sectors that can be owned by foreign entities; and foreign companies that enter China are required to do so in a 50% joint venture with a local firm

This house believes that ASEAN should negotiate all investment deals with Chinese government entities as a bloc (with decisions made by majority vote of its members), so that no member state can enter into investment deals without the rest of the world

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a regional intergovernmental organisation comprising of Southeast Asian states which promotes Pan-Asianism and greater economic integration within the ASEAN common market. There are 10 ASEAN member states, namely, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Loas, & Vietnam

This house would not allow out of court settlements for workplace discrimination and harassment