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THW assasinate Putin.

Just because.

TH, as Dellyanne Shwonway, would choose to wait until the 2020 elections to release the information.

You are Dellyanne Shwonway, a high-ranking official in the Republican Party who opposes Donald Trump. You have discovered unequivocal video evidence of The Donald colluding with the Russians for the US election. Nobody else has this recording, or knows that it exists. You are ready to release this information, and you're able to do so at any point you wish.

EC acredita que a União Europeia deveria estar disposto a aceitar um acordo de paz mediado pela Rússia no caso de este trazer um fim mais rápido à guerra na Síria, mesmo que isto signifique que Bashar Al-Assad se mantenha no poder.

THBT NATO should avoid stationing troops along Russia's borders.

Ta Izba jako UE zaproponowałaby Rosji podpisanie umowy o wolnym handlu.

THBT the West should support the Russian-backed Syrian peace talks.

This week, Rusian, Turkish and Iranian-backed peace talks have begun in Astana between Syrian rebel groups and the Assad government. As part of the deal establishing the talks, there is a ceasefire that is currently holding. The US, EU and UN are not involved in the talks. IS and JFS are not attending.

This House believes that the US-led coalition should no longer insist on Assad stepping down as part of their negotiations with Russia over Syria.

This House believes that Western Liberal Democracies should boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

THBT the US and the EU should support a Russian annexation of Crimea in exchange for an otherwise independent Ukraine.