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HiK:Liberal Feministler cinsiyet eşitsizliğinden önce hırçın feminist gruplar ile savaşmalıdır

Where conscription is in force for men exclusively, THBT feminists should advocate for conscripting women

THBT women should pay less income tax than men.

THBT male feminists should establish movements and organisations involving only male feminists, rather than join larger feminist spaces

HSK; kendini feminist olarak tanımlayan bireylerin makyaj yapmama, estetik değişiklilik yaptırmama gibi yükümlülükleri vardır.

THW Exclude men from the feminist movement

THR the recent ideological dominance of liberal feminism within the mainstream feminist movement

Liberal feminism seeks to empower women by granting them access to structures of power, and validating their individual autonomy and choices. It is often contrasted with radical feminism, in which the structures of power themselves are opposed and women are encouraged to critique them and opt out of supporting them.

HSK, reklam feminizmi faydadan çok zarar getirmektedir.

Reklam feminizmi, feminizmin şirketler tarafından reklamlarda kullanılmasıdır.

THW impose minimum quotas for the number of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) degrees at university

TH, as the feminist movement, supports the creation of androids that simulate romantic relationships.