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THW introduce a Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a form of income paid by the state to all individuals without any means testing or work requirements.

In times of economic crisis, THW create a board of technocrats to make decisions about all economic policy

TH regrets the narrative that hard work is the determinant factor in success

THW legalise the sale of human organs

This House Would give Money to Individuals rather than Charities

When people donate money, they often give to charitable organisations (e.g. Children in Need). However, money from these donations does not usually go directly to the individual, since the charity has to pay for staff, events, and other running costs. The alternative is giving money to individuals (e.g. giving money to a busker or homeless person). This goes directly to the individual but does not provide organized services (e.g. foodbanks or homeless shelters). There is less money given directly to individuals than to charitable organisations overall.

THBT multi national corporations should adhere to the labour standards set in their home countries

Multi National Corporations (MNCS) tend to have their headquarters based in Western Liberal Democracies e.g the UK, USA, Finland. Labour standards in these countries tend to include: a high minimum wage, strong protections for the rights of unions and good health and safety standards.

THBT governments should actively incentivise people to move away from areas with few viable economic activities

Numerous states worldwide have special support for individuals staying in rural areas with few viable economic activities. Incentives that the state can provide include lower taxes, cheaper housing and jobs. Alternatively some states support individuals to move away from such areas instead, using similar incentives.



THBT the IMF should require collateral* for national bailouts *Collateral is an asset or piece of property that a borrower offers to a lender as security for a loan

THW implement universal basic income

universal basic income gives money to all people