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THW allow the family members of individuals with addictions to petition for court-ordered mandatory and involuntary treatment of these individuals.

Assuming there is a drug that increases human empathy, THBT states should lace their water supplies with that drug.

Assuming no one ever found out, THW drastically over-exaggerate the harmful effects of drugs

THW Legalise All Drugs

THW legalise drugs

This House would ban any treatment, service or ritual from claiming a physical healing effect until it is tested and proven more effective than a placebo, by a national regulator.

A placebo is a substance or treatment that does not itself have any healing effect (e.g. a sugar pill) but which a patient is told is actual medicine. The false belief has been known to itself have some healing properties / physical effects.

THW Legalise All Drugs

Drugs are sometimes fun. Sometimes they're not. Discuss!

THW Legalize All Drugs

THS nations that market themselves as destinations for good time tourism.

For the purpose of this debate “good time tourism” refers to every form of tourism that satisfies human desires and is commonly forbidden in Western states (sex, drugs, chewing gum).