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THBT reality television does more harm than good.

This House would not provide development aid to countries which routinely violate the human rights of their people

"Development aid" refers to money being sent by developed countries to developing countries, in order to help them build infrastructure to grow their economy (eg roads, schools and hospitals). This is different from "humanitarian aid" like food and medicine, which is given in times of emergency.

This House Would return cultural artefacts to their countries of origin e.g. the Elgin Marbles

This House Would make voting compulsory

THR the medicalisation of mental health

Medicalisation of mental health refers to the aggregation of the following two trends: 1. The biased perception of mental health conditions and symptoms as being predominantly neurologically based, as opposed to having social causes 2. The leading presence of the pharmaceutical industry in promoting a narrow set of remedies (ie. prescription of drugs, visiting clinics). For the purposes of this debate, ‘mental health’ specifically precludes neurodivergence. The difference being, that neurodivergent characteristics are those that individuals can happily live with, but which society needs to accommodate (ie. autism/ADHD) whereas mental health problems are those which individuals would rather receive treatment for (ie. depression/anxiety)

This House would punish sports clubs for violent behaviour or hate-speech committed by their fans

This House Would prevent the media from reporting on the private lives of public figures

This House Would abolish trial by jury

THBT attempts to engage in dialogue with and moderate the far right do more harm than good.

THBT schools should focus on teaching contemporary art, music and literature, to the exclusion of studying classical works (e.g. Harry Potter instead of Shakespeare)