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In countries with a lack of medical professionals, TH, rather than regulate who can be a healthcare professional, would provide optional certifications of competence.

An optional certification is given by a government-backed organisation, which serves as an acknowledgement of a person's skill to work within a particular industry. The certification serves as an indication of competence but is not mandatory to work in the industry.

Assuming a trade-off is required, THBT history education in post-conflict societies should focus on reconciliation at the cost of truth

THW remove the statute of limitations

The statute of limitations is a time limit for filing criminal charges against someone.

THW ban big tobacco's (Phillip Morris, British American Tobacco, etc.) involvement in, acquisition of, merger with and/or stock ownership of the e-cigarette industry.

THBT protest movements should not use violent or destructive protest tactics (e.g. arson, vandalism, petrol bombs)

THW release the information.

You are a scholar at the Vatican. You discover information that proves religion has been made up and that the Pope is an imposter. Nobody else will ever find this information except you.

THB that governments in developing countries should forcibly remove citizens from areas prone to natural disasters.

In countries where compulsory military service for men exists, TH as the feminist movement, would advocate for the conscription of women.

THS the rise of automation.

Automation is the use or introduction of automatic equipment in a manufacturing or other process or facility. Automation traditionally replaces human workers.

HİK, AB fonları, Türkiye'deki sivil toplumculuğa faydadan çok zarar getirmiştir.

AB uyum sürecinde, Avrupa Birliği, Türkiye'deki çeşitli sivil toplum kuruluşlarına belirli şartlar dahilinde (AB mevzuatlara uygunluk, profesyonellik, üretilen projenin standartlara uygunluğu, sivil toplum kuruluşunun çalışma alanı) finansal olarak desteklerde bulunmuştur.