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THW ban job applicants from disclosing the name of the university that issued any degrees they may hold

THW ban political parties and require all candidates running for public office to seek election as independents

This House Believes That regions with extremely high rates of gendered violence should grant amnesty to women for violent crimes they commit

Gendered violence is violence that is directed at an individual based on his or her biological sex OR gender identity. This includes but is not exclusive to domestic abuse, rape and sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, stalking and harassment, commercial sexual exploitation (eg forced prostitution), female genital mutilation, forced marriage and so-called 'honour' based violence.

Assuming you had the financial resources to do so, This House, as a young African-American, Would choose to emigrate (ie leave America).

This House, in times of economic crisis, Would substantially lower labour regulation requirements (e.g. minimum wage requirements, paid leave, right to unionise etc.)

Assuming the technology to do so safely and reversibly is available, THW remove the ability of soldiers to feel fear

This House Believes That climate change activists should focus on lobbying corporations rather than changing individuals’ behaviour and consumption.

THW not jail non-violent offenders.

THBT the feminist movement including men in their campaigns and discussions does more harm than good

THW only imprison people who are assessed to pose an active danger to society