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THBT parents from minority ethnicities should encourage their children to code switch (R4)

Code switching (for the purposes of this debate) refers to the practice of changing the way you speak depending on the context of the conversation. This often results in people of colour using a ‘white voice’ in contexts like job interviews, workplaces and on the phone.

THR the norm that children ought to show deference to their parents

In the status quo, children are expected to show deference to their parents in two ways. First, they defer to their parents' opinions/preferences (e.g. prioritising academics over extra-curricular activities, choice of friends) instead of disobeying. Second, they are expected to be deferential in the way they interact with their parents (e.g. not talking back, being overtly respectful).

This house, as a parent, would use tiger parenting.

Tiger parenting is a style of parenting in which parents strongly prioritise their children's success in academia, and in extra-curricular activities that the parents perceive to be prestigious (e.g. classical music and ballet). Tiger parenting usually involves parents exercising a high degree of control over their children's time and activities.

This House Would require children to financially support their parents in old age

THW Ban advertising targeted at children

THBT that a world in which the dominant norm for childrearing is coparenting rather than raising children in a romantic relationship is preferable

This House believes that important decisions about children's health should be made by medical professionals, and not their parents

THW prefer a world where children are raised communally, as opposed to in families.

The family is an institution for raising children, characterised by relatively small-size, the authority of elders over children and primary care for children being given by their parents. The communal raising of children includes a variety of systems in which no adult has particular ties to any child.

EC obligaría a los ciudadanos de los países de democracias liberales occidentales a adoptar a al menos un hijo antes de poder concebir uno propio.