Black Mirror

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THW allow the criminal justice system to utilise this technology in prosecutions to view the memories of witnesses and the accused, regardless of the individual's consent.

In the future, every persons mind will be embedded with technology which allows their memories to be projected on a screen. Just like any recording, specific sections of memory can be watched and rewatched.

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FriendBot, seçtiğiniz bir kişinin internetteki (özellikle sosyal medyadaki) tüm varlığını absorbe eden ve o kişiyi bir sohbet bot'u olarak replika edebilen bir teknolojidir. Şu anki kullanım alanı genellikle vefat eden yakınlar için olsa da herhangi bir kişi için uygulanmasının önünde bir engel görünmemektedir.

THW allow the police to get a court order to see people's memories through the Eye.

(Video context): Everyone has a camera device in their eyes, called the Eye, which records and stores everything they see (their point of view) and allows them to revisit all their memories as videos whenever they want. They can project it to others.

THW cease the production of any cookies

In the Black Mirror universe cookies are sentient consciousness made of code taken from living humans. They retain the memories and experiences of the human consciousness they are taken from. They are the pivotal technology within this universe, used to give humans lives after death, in medical treatments, to run technology and even created and used for entertainment. Cookies have gained minimum human rights in the most future based episodes.

THS the use of the MASS system in war.

MASS is a neural implant that alters perception. It is used on soldiers to make them perceive opponents as horrific monsters and ignore distractions. It rewards good performance with pleasant dreams which are usually sexual in nature. It can be used to create the perception of an idealised life once returned from war. Every action these soldiers take while implanted is recorded and can be played back to them without the perception filter. (eg. Showing a soldier killing humans they previously believed to be monsters.) All soldiers must consent to this implant after having its applications explained to them. Memories can be selectively erased and the memory of the explanation and consent procedure is always erased.