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Hükümet, Demokrat Parti olarak partideki sol/sosyalist çizgideki adayların güçlenmesinden memnundur.

THBT environmentalists and animal rights activists should launch violent campaigns against companies that pollute the environment or violate animal rights.

TH prefers a world without private ownership of real estate, and with housing guaranteed instead (for example, housing distributed via lottery)

Hükümet, kendi kendini yetiştirmiş ve bir yerlere gelmiş kişilerin başarı öykülerinin yüceltilmesinden pişmandır.

TH, as the parent of a child prodigy, would push that child to maximize its potential.

THW never support or finance rebel groups on foreign soil as a tactic of war.

THW give up.

THBT women should pay less income tax than men.

This House believes that the government should be given full and unrestricted access to all our personal online data (for example emails, messages, browsing history, and private content on social media)

This House Regrets the idea of 'One True Love'

The idea of 'One True Love' is a narrative about romantic love which says that there is one right person out there for everyone, one perfect soulmate we are all working to find.